End of an era of my Happiest days @ Happiest Minds !!!

This is my first and last post of 2013. Where, 45 mins left in 2013. And, Its time for me to retrospect last couple of years at Happiest Minds.Interview:     It was a great interview experience. Being an early bird in Happiest Minds, I got that special privilege of skipping those boring aptitude rounds as [...]

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What is Social Computing ? the easy way..

When you look at the title of this post, you might be thinking for a while as to there are a million posts and articles that you can find in Google for the keyword "What is Social Computing ?" :) Why yet another post with same title ?? Will be back to this point in [...]

HTML5, The next gen App development platform

Think of a language that is as easy as HTML, has Integrated local storage as that of android, cross platform as that of Java, UI Engine as cool as in ios, media support as that of Flash, lightweight implementation for any Mobile Platform, Full SEO support..Got any Idea? Yep, Its HTML5 !!Since its Inception in [...]

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“A Patchy Server” – The story of a guy who dominates server hosts.

Apache Group is a collection of talented individuals who spend a great part of their free time trying to create the best web server money can't buy.Yes, I'm referring to "The Apache"! One of the coolest, robust and ultimate server that humanity has been gifted from the times of birth of WWW. It is one of the [...]

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REST web service uncovered

What is a RESTful service? Why RESTful web services? An example of RESTful web service How to consume RESTful web services? article on how to build a RESTful PHP server. courtesy: LORNAJANE Blog

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Making HTTP Request/Response for oAuth in PHP using REST API’s made easy.

As and on social apps are getting popular, oAuth using PHP is becoming a very common requirement for most of the social app developers. oAuth is an Authentication protocol ( that provides a handle for 3rd party website to access a users data from another platform. Most of these oAuth implementations support REST API using [...]

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A really good article for wannabe CoDeRs :)

Found this article very very Interesting, Good work sandip ! and Thanks a lot

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Back button hack for webapps built on a single HTML page.

   At the outset, let me start with some background of why anyone would like to do this stuff of virtually making back button work for a webapp wherein a single HTML file you have many sections[modelled as pages in app].The theory for this goes as follows. If you are developing a web app/widget for [...]

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The Android Mania .. Android Vs iPhone

Recent data indicates that 44% of all smartphones purchased in the third quarter of 2010 are operating on Google's Android powered operating system. As the smartphone market is growing, so is the search engine turned software producer's stake, proving that the unreachable iPhone sales may just be able to be reached. The following article will [...]

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The Story of Happy Days of My Life .. Part 1

         It all began on September 3rd 2007, a rainy evening with chilling typical belgaum cold and i'm fully drenched in rain! The event was supposed to begin @ 5:00PM, but because of some reasons it got delayed by an Hour and started at 6:00PM. Thinking what this event was? .. Hmm.. [...]

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